Small talks with wonderful people. Leonilde Imbachí, Farm El Carmen, Pitalito – Huila

February 23, 2023

What does Leonilde do on any given day?

“I get up a short time before 6 a.m., start preparing breakfast for the family. After eating, I talk to my husband and son about what work was left over from the previous day, and we divide up the labors. In general, they oversee keeping the farm organized and I take charge of the wet mill and guide the workers in the process of washing the coffee. At the same time, I must organize the house and make food for everyone.”

How many coffees do you drink a day?

“I don’t normally count them, but there are more than five in a day, sweetened with a little bit of panela.”

Place you would like to visit

“I would really like to visit Cancun – Mexico, the images that are shown from there seem very attractive to me. I would also like to save money to visit the Eastern Llanos of our country.”

What is your first memory with coffee?

“I do not remember a day that I have not been surrounded by coffee. Since I was a little girl, I saw my father cultivate coffee and it was a task that we inherited when we grew up.”

Do you have any other activities after growing coffee?

“Generally, I go out to meet with the neighbors on the sidewalk to “echar rulo” (hang out) for a while. Also, we are very united among neighbors and from the community action board I participate in the coordination of tasks such as: repairing the school, improving the road access to the community, among other issues that concern us as a neighborhood.”

“I have been growing coffee on my farm for 25 years.”

Do you have any saying or proverb that you use frequently?

“Yes, the one I remember the most is one that my dad used to tell us very often, says “The devil is wiser for being an old man than for be the devil”.”

What is your favorite part of the coffee process within your farm?

“I like everything, but I enjoy more the days when I go to collect coffee because it is outdoors, so I can enjoy the landscape and distract myself more. On the other hand, when I stay at the wet mill the work is more routine and confined.”

“A long time ago we organized activities to raise funds to build a school for the children of the village. I don’t have children in the school, but we have to help each other so that we are all well off.”

What is your favorite variety of coffee to grow?

“Colombia variety is definitely the one that gives the best results. Since the tree is young it is productive and no matter the age of the plant, the harvests are always good in comparison to other varieties.”

What is the part of coffee growing that you enjoy the least?

“There is not one, I like everything about coffee growing. What I like least are the house duties because it is very routine. On the other hand, working on the farm, organizing the lots is something I would not change for anything in the world.”

Goals you plan to achieve this year

“I want to save money to travel and explore other roads. I would like to get to know the Eje Cafetero and go to other departments to enjoy their landscapes.”

What Doña Leo’s likes?

Growing and drinking coffee.
Working with the community to improve their living conditions.
Talking with friends and visiting her mother.
Watching Chavo del 8
Taking care of the environment.
Walking around the farm and seeing the animals.

“I have been a partner of SKN Caribecafé for 12 years now.”