We are SKN Caribecafé

We are Colombia

Discover one of the best coffee cultures in the world and get familiar with the outstanding coffees that our country has to offer.

This is us

More than 75 years of history in coffee export

From the very beginning we are engaged to offer our customers the best service possible.

Through the years, coffee business model has changed significantly. Nowadays, we proudly can say that the role of the coffee producer has achieve the value they deserve. Nevertheless, there is a lot to do, that is why SKN has changed to a sustainable business model to empower the producers and provide them the necessary tools that make their operation prosperous, improving their coffee quality and production.

Most of the coffee we buy is sustainably sourced, driven by quality and enriched by a flawless service.

SKN has a clear vision to reach 100% of our volume to be sustainably sourced

How will we get there? With our team, people with a long trajectory and passion for coffee, they understand our costumers needs and regard the hard work that lays behind every coffee bean. We are coffee people and proud of it.

Most of our coffees comes directly from farmers
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Specialized, professional and honestly service to every costumer and supplier.
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A long trajectory buying, processing and exporting coffee worldwide.
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Mainstream, certified, specialties and microlots coffee qualities.
Our mills and machinery are the most sophisticated in Colombia.
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We analyze with extreme caution the coffee since we bought it until is delivered.

Where we are

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