The inspiring story of Ana and Leopoldo.

September 22, 2023

What’s a typical workday like for you?

“We start our day by expressing gratitude to God for granting us a new day of life. Then, we review the pending tasks on the estate and organize our activities based on their urgency. We allocate tasks based on each family member’s skills and then proceed with our work. This could involve activities such as weeding, harvesting, or providing instructions to our employees regarding their daily responsibilities.”

What do you do on Sundays?

“Sundays are our designated days of rest. Our work week typically goes until Friday, and if the workload is heavy, we might extend to Saturdays. However, Sunday holds a special significance as a day of complete rest for us. Having practiced the Catholic faith since childhood, we take pleasure in attending Mass. After Mass, it’s customary for us to stroll or share a meal with our family leisurely.”

Which places have you travelled to?

“Typically, on Sundays, we embark on family outings to nearby places for a relaxed stroll. One particular trip that stands out in our memory was from two years ago when we visited Cartagena. We had a wonderful time exploring the city and wandering its delightful streets.”

What places would you like to visit?

“There are many places we would like to visit; the idea of travelling the world is exciting. However, at times, circumstances and financial situations pose a constraint, requiring us to meticulously plan our expenditures and priorities.”

How many cups of coffee do you enjoy in a day?

“We don’t keep track, but we mainly have coffee in the mornings. We love coffee and enjoy it when we return from work or while we’re at home during the day. We prefer strong coffee sweetened with a bit of panela.”

“From a young age, I was taught that coffee represented one of the finest avenues for our livelihood. “

A wish

“We wish to be granted wisdom to face the challenges that arise.”

Do you have any other activities besides coffee?

“After finishing the coffee harvest, we like to get some exercise. We’re passionate about cycling and often ride to explore the nearby towns in Cerritos. Occasionally, we extend our ride to reach the SKN engineer’s farm to savour a cup of coffee. Also, every now and then, we head out to play Tejo.”

What was the first coffee variety you cultivated?

“When we began in this farm, our initial plantation had about 1,000 Caturra variety trees and 4,000 Colombia variety trees. It was the Colombia variety that really propelled us forward, yielding high-quality coffee and offering the economic support we required while we were still establishing our farm.”

Which coffee variety do you prefer to drink?

“We love the Caturra variety. When the coffee pickers come, we specifically instruct them to pick only the ripe Caturra to dry, roast, and consume at home. It boasts a smooth profile and a natural sweet flavor that makes it truly delightful. Its uniqueness sets it apart.”

What is your favourite part of the coffee process on your farm?

“We greatly enjoy the harvesting process, especially when the harvest is abundant; it is a true pleasure. However, over time and due to our age, we can’t exert ourselves as much as we used to when we were younger.”

“Through good and bad times, especially during those challenging economic phases, coffee has always been our steadfast support. It has significantly enhanced our quality of life. “

Where did the initiative to plant forest species come from?

“The idea to plant forest trees came about during challenging drought periods on the farm. We observed a lack of shade from trees, which was adversely affecting our crops. Hence, we opted for a unique approach in a coffee lot exposed to the sun. Planting trees for shade turned out to be a delightful surprise, significantly enhancing the quality of our coffee. Moreover, the farm took on a more charming and picturesque ambience with the added tree shade, motivating us to persist with this approach.”

What forest species do you have in the reserve?

“Guadua, Laurel, Yarumo, Cachingo, Guamo, Cedar, among others.”

Which agroforestry species do you like to have on the farm?

“The Cachingo tree is our favorite because it lends a beautiful orange hue to the crops. Furthermore, as its leaves fall, they enrich the soil of the coffee field with nitrogen.”

What do Leo and Ana like?

Harvesting coffee
Coffee sweetened with panela
Visiting new places
Planting forest trees
Play Tejo

“Essentially, the entire farm is now dedicated to coffee. It’s been truly wonderful, and I always consider my home gorgeous.”